MMU Cheshire Show’n’Tell, 24th May – June 7th


Thurs 24 May, GM223
Jason Woolley

Music: Teaching Practice

The Music team has taught successfully from the Cheshire campus in Crewe for many years and reached the Top 30 of around 100 courses in the Guardian University subject league tables in 2017. The team will explain its planned collective approach to teaching and learning for the new BA in Music and Sound for Media which will begin in 2019. Continuing their tradition of curricular and extra-curricular engagement with industry, in 2019 the team will be delivering a unique blend of practice and theory, which will support student personal development, interdisciplinary collaboration, employability and further academic study. In the presentation, the Music team will explain how compositional teaching methods will allow students from diverse backgrounds to be accommodated. Detail of the technical aspects of teaching for music and sound design, and production for a broad range of media platforms will also be discussed. It is hoped this short presentation will be a catalyst for further collaborative opportunities with other subject areas in 2019 and also later when the Screen School opens in 2021.

Thurs 31 May, GM223
Neil Mackenzie, Shane Kinghorn

Theatre and Performance: Teaching practice

BA (Hons) Drama and Contemporary Performance is a new degree that is going to validation in June 2018 for a September 2019 start. The talk will provide an opportunity for colleagues in Cheshire transitioning to Manchester to collectively present the new programme. The new degree will create an outward facing, industry-linked programme that capitalizes on Manchester’s international cultural status. It affords a model that combines practice-based and critical study. This is valued within the sector as distinct from the already existing conservatoire offering. The degree aims to facilitate access to a range of careers within the creative industries and beyond.

Tue 05 June, GM226
Martin Blain

Music: Research and Practice
The music team (currently based on the Cheshire campus but soon to be relocated to Manchester) engages in a wide variety of research and practice activities that explore the social and cultural contexts of music both in the UK and abroad. Recent projects include: composition; improvisation; performance; sound engineering; assistive technologies and design for multisensory environments; documentary film making; developing methods for practice-as-research; pedagogy. By way of introducing ourselves to colleagues in A&H, the music team will offer a whistle-stop tour of some of their recent research and practice projects and there will be time for further discussions following the session should you wish to. The session will be of interest to those interested in developing links with the music team for further collaborative opportunities. We look forward to meeting as many of you as possible on the day.

Thurs 07 June, GM224
John Deeney and Jane Turner

Theatre and Performance: Research

Our research engages with a mixed mode of traditional scholarship and practice-as-research in the fields of drama, theatre and contemporary performance. Research interests range from Third Theatre, performer training, the politics of modern and contemporary drama, performance and religion, theatre and the social sphere, composed theatre, verbatim theatre, embodied screen practice and somatic research , festivals, theatre curation, theatre anthropology and cultural performance. As well as speaking to our specialisms, we see this event as an opportunity for us to explore synergies with Manchester-based colleagues with an interest in the internationalization of the arts and creative pedagogies.


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