Student International Mobility Fund


The Faculty of Arts and Humanities is delighted to launch the Student International Mobility Fund to support students to engage with a wide variety of global study and work experiences.

Up to 60 scholarships between £400 (Europe) and £800 (outside Europe) will be open to students studying in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

The Student International Mobility Fund aims to support:

  1. Students on non-European Exchanges who are not in receipt of any other grant
  2. Students attending Faculty-led or approved* international competitions
  3. Students participating in Faculty-led or approved* academic study visits
  4. Students participating in Faculty-led or approved* academic summer schools
    *Departmental Exchange Coordinators would need to approve any International academic study if it is not led by the Faculty. Exchange Coordinator contacts can be found online here.


To be eligible to apply for the Student International Mobility Fund, students must:

​Be embarking on an approved student mobility opportunity cited above.
Be in full or part-time study on a course in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Please note that priority for funding will be given to students from a household income of £25,000 and below and to students who have never previously been on a Faculty approved period of international mobility.

Further information and online application can be found here:


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