A Message from Professor Steve Miles, Head of PAHC


Welcome to HARTS.ONLINE the online home for the Postgraduate Arts and Humanities Centre!

We envisage PAHC to be a community of practice: a home for PhD students in Arts and Humanities that challenge pre-conceptions of the isolated PhD.

Traditionally a PhD is about simply ‘doing’ a project. But not only does the PhD reflect a variety of forms and norms depending on your discipline, we also regard it as a form of professional training that will help you become a well-rounded researcher.

In the above spirit we hope to offer you new ways of thinking about research that can genuinely help inform your development as a reflexive researcher.

We encourage you to make the most of the opportunities provided and thus to think about research in this collegiate fashion. Our Research Training Programme is at the heart of this and will serve to strengthen the quality of your project and make you a part of the broader community of research students that PAHC represents.

As I know from my own experience, the PhD environment you work in stays with you for life. Our aim in PAHC is to have a lifelong effect on you as a researcher so you feel the benefits of working in a collegiate postgraduate environment in which students give as much as they take and which will turn put them in good stead in their future careers. PAHC is about putting postgraduate research at the heart of research culture in the faculty. Please join us in that ambition!

Professor Steve Miles, Head of PAHC


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