Alistair Macdonald’s solo exhibition at the Grosvenor Gallery, 19-21 April 2016.

Taking the Scottish island of Rum as my subject, I have drawn upon the different forms of discourse which relate to the island – memoir, travelogue, letters, advertisements, poems, scientific reports and legal documents. Disrupting footage of the island with fragments of text and vice-versa, I created for MMU’s Grosvenor Gallery a series of video pieces that presented the history of the island as a series of disruptions and the landscape as the place where power, discourse and bodies intertwine.

Landscape is never other. Frequently, it is the place where power is exercised over physical space and the bodies which inhabit it. Our different ways of understanding the landscape authorise, justify, explain and describe different interventions into space and bodies, interventions which disrupt both.

But landscape is also for play, and for those who prefer their scenery un-theorised, the exhibition also featured dancing trees, a boat trip, and a river streaming through the gallery.

As featured in the Manchester School of Art, Research Degree Programme Newsletter Autumn 2016