Call for Contributions to Podcast Series


From Nick Duffy, PAHC Deputy Head:

Please see below the message from Oliver Delgaram-Nejad, who is starting a new podcast series and looking for contributions. The podcasts will be available on Oli’s YouTube channel as well as Harts Online. It’s a great initiative that will help us all to stay more connected while we work remotely; many thanks to Oli for making this happen. 

My name’s Oli. I’m a PGR here at MMU. I’d like to interview postgraduate researchers on my new podcast, and you’re welcome to put yourselves forward as guests. The format is informal, conversational, and focused on the guest’s work. It’s a great opportunity to raise awareness about your particular research area, project, and identity as a researcher. Each episode is likely to have a theme, and I’m happy to guests to bring their own. Themes could be broad, like ‘writing up’, or very specific. There’ll be no set duration, so you won’t have to ‘fill’ an hour. If we talk for twenty minutes and enjoy it, that’s our short episode. If we talk for two hours, that’s our long episode. If we record a show together and you’d like some time to decide whether it goes online or not, that’s fine too. Thanks for reading, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Please direct responses directly to Oli: