Call for entries. 20:20 print exchange 2018, deadline 24th Oct



Call for Entries

Hello, this year the print workshop will be entering the School of Art into the annual 20:20 print exchange.

The 20:20 print exchange is organised and run by Hot Bed press in Salford and is an annual exchange/exhibition for all print workshops across the country.

This year will be our 2nd year entering into the 20:20 and we are again hoping to get as many students and staff involved as possible. All those who enter will not only receive a collection of original art prints from other artists sent to them, but also their print will show in a travelling exhibition around the country.

Background info

The 20:20 Print Exchange was set up in 2009 as an exchange between Hot Bed Press in Salford and Red Hot Press in Southampton involving 10 artists from each workshop. It has grown each year and now involves around 500 artists per year from over 40 workshops around the UK and international guest workshops. To date over 50,000 prints have been created for the exchange.Each print workshop gets 10, 20 or 30 of their members to take part. The workshop sends a package of all their artists’ prints. In return each artist receives a portfolio of 20 random prints. In November we have a massive sorting and random selection of 20 prints in each box, which is sent back to every workshop. Each artist receives their random selection box through their workshop. No box/selection is the same. All works go on display on our flickr site. 1 out of every edition goes on national tour to workshop/galleries. In past years the 20:20 Print Exchange has toured to Neo:artists Gallery in Bolton, West Yorkshire Print Workshop, Belfast Print Workshop, The Art House; Wakefield, Liverpool John Moores University, The Medway Print Festival in Rochester, Kent.

So what will we need from anyone who wishes to take part?

Firstly if you wish to take part or have any questions please could you register your interest with Mike or Liz in the print workshops (Benzie G15)

Once you have done that you will need to produce an edition of 25 prints of an original piece of work by any printed method you wish. Digital images are allowed (no photography), but it is preferred that you use a print media process. This could include processes such as:

Screen-printing, Etching, Linocut, Wood cut, mono, risograph, letterpress and lithography.

Mixed media piece are allowed, i.e. mixture of risograph and letterpress.

You can use any paper (ideally an archival paper such as fabriano or somerset) as long as it is the correct 20cm by 20cm size. There is no specific minimum or maximum print size as long as it fits on the paper.

Once you have produced your printed edition you will then need to finish your work by editioning them. (More information about editioning see below)

When the prints have been completed, you will need to hand the edition in to Mike or Liz in the print workshop and pay the £10.00 entry fee. The fee will be paid online using the using the university’s online shop. Details for doing this will be provided once the edition has been handed in.

There is a tight deadline; the workshop will require any editions to be submitted before

4pm on Wednesday 24th of October 2018.

Please Note: Unfortunately, only students who have received the correct inductions and health & safety training are allowed to use the print workshops.


  • Each artist should produce an original edition of 25 prints.
  • The paper size should be 20cm by 20cm.
  • The cost for entering is £10 per artist. (paid online)
  • Deadline 4pm Wednesday the 24th October


On the front of the print written in pencil that does not smudge should be the following details.

Bottom Left: The edition number, ideally in this format 1/25, 2/25, 3/25 etc.

Middle Bottom: The print title if applicable.

Bottom Right: signature/or initials and date/or year i.e. Joe Blog ‘17

On the reverse of the print, in pencil that does not smudge please include the following details:

Name, Media type (i.e. screen-print or etching), Workshop details (i.e. Manchester school of art) and any other contact details you may want to share such as contact email, website or Instagram etc.


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