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Monday, October 21, 2019
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Methods Fair 2019: Creativity in Social Science Research, 28th Oct

Date And Time Mon, 28 October 2019 10:30 – 16:45 GMT Location Roscoe Building The University of Manchester Oxford Rd Manchester...

A Message from Professor Steve Miles, Head of PAHC

Welcome to HARTS.ONLINE the online home for the Postgraduate Arts and Humanities Centre! We envisage PAHC to be a community of practice: a home for...

Research Training Programme 2018-19

Full details of the Research Training Programme (RTP) 2018-19 can now be found on the 'Training' page via a digital version of the brochure...

MMU Special Collections and The Modernist Society: Hulme is Here

FROM THE ARCHIVES : HULME is here Get HULME here The latest instalment of From The Archives is here and its HULME This is one many of you...

New Online Ethics System – Ethos launch

EthOS, the University’s new system for making applications for ethical approval is now live for all staff and PGR students. This means that if...