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What’s it like being a researcher at HARTS? Read what our post-graduate students have to say about their research, activities, achievements and ideas that matter to them. Our students are a varied bunch that come from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines encompassing theoretical, empirical and practice-based enquiry. Stories is a place where disciplinary boundaries can be crossed and research ideas can be shared across the faculty, fostering knowledge exchange between researchers.

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Sara Davies: Adopt[ed] Slideshow

An event to promote the participatory artwork, Adopt a Slide The Manchester School of Art slide collection contains over 300,000 slides and has developed over...

David Gledhill: ‘Olydo Berlin 16’: The Berlin Olympic Village Project

In September 2015, Deutsche KreditBank Stiftung and Palis Advisory GmbH, invited myself, Margaret Cahill, Peter Lewis and German artist Wolf Bertram Becker, to visit...

Tilo Reifenstein: At the Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte

Earlier this year (2016), I completed a three-and-a-half-month Franz Roh Fellowship in Modern and Contemporary Art at the Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte in Munich. The...

Lesley Halliwell: Islamic and Celtic geometry

When I began my practice based PhD two years ago I anticipated that it would involve a great deal of reading and writing alongside...

Alex Pearl: Denis ex Machina

Machines? Extension of man, integrating into himself, extension of social structures and integrating into them, they are, at all times, identical to ourselves. They...

Richard Halliday: Three-year Update

The following words are my musings on the last three years of being a PGR. My first thought is just how quickly this time...

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