Comparative methodology and how to build your own, 15th Jan


15 January 10.00 – 12.00

Kristina Niedderer, Professor of Design

Methodology is perhaps the most worrying word for any new research student. This session will unpack the idea of methodology in an approachable way. Essentially, methodology is the overall approach that you choose for your research. Different domains have developed many theoretical and practical approaches and methods, which can either be used in their pure form, or in a combination (mixed methods) to fit your own study. Especially for interdisciplinary work, this is of great importance. This session will introduce you to the idea of methodology, and how the use of different methods generates different results.

The session will consist of a presentation and a group exercise to allow you to discuss, explore and internalise some of the issues raised.

For the exercise, please bring a printout of your research question(s), however tentative, to the session.

Please note that this session replaces the Imposter Syndrome session led by Sarah Perry which will now take place on 29 April, 15.00-17.00.

When we are successful, many of us feel we are imposters. This isn’t the real me that is doing a PhD! Somehow I’ve slipped through the net and I’m bound to be found out. This workshop will explore behaviours that stem from this common feeling of not being good enough.


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