Hyper- Rural and Rural Zones of Experiment, 21st – 22nd Nov


Hyper-Rural, Zones of Rural Experiment.

The event commences with an evening lecture on the Tuesday 21st November followed by a day long symposium on the Wednesday 22nd November at the Manchester School of Architecture/Art. For further details and programme of symposium see www.ruralculture.org.uk note free to all MMU staff and students.

It is intended as an opportunity for artists, architects, digital practitioners, designers and curators, etc., to meet together and respond to two recent reports, which advocate some quite radical new approaches to our understanding of rurality, agriculture, safe food, environmental sustainability and the countryside.

 “Our current preoccupation with the city alone is highly irresponsible.. The countryside is now more volatile that the most accelerated city”

In particular the ‘Countyside’ manifesto issued recently by international architect and urbanist Rem Koolhaas (OMA/AMO Rotterdam), in which he argues that the era of urbanism as the dominant focus for architecture, curatorship and arts and cultural policy, is now coming to an end. And that the countryside, rural issues, sustainable food and agriculture, farm animal welfare, etc., are becoming the vital new critical sites for future cultural, art, design and architectural practice.

Tuesday 21st November 2017
Keynote addresses

6.00 – 9.00pm 4th floor Benzie Theatre, MMU
(Boundary Street West, 
M15 6BR)

 Stephan Petermann: OMA/AMO. ‘The advent of the Hyper-Rural and the end of Urbanism? ‘The countryside is now more volatile that the most accelerated city’. AMO/OMA’s pioneering Countryside international research programme.

Professor Ou Ning, Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture and Planning. ‘Chinese cities have become insufferable’. The Bishan Project: “Restarting the Rural Reconstruction Movement”, Post City: Habitats for the 21st Century. The Bishan Project was a community-centered cultural project for rural revival, which was later closed down by the Chinese Government.

Professor Michael Woods*, University of Aberyswyth ‘The Global Countryside’ research project. ‘The Future is rural?’

Chair: David Powell, David Powell Cultural Policy Research

Wednesday 22nd November 2017

Day long symposium held at Manchester School of Architecture and Benzie building seewww.ruralculture.org.uk for latest programme with further details to follow.

The event is in collaboration with the Manchester School of Architecture /Landscape and The littoral Arts Trust, who are also the custodians of the Kurt Schwitter’s Merz Barn, in the Lake District, further information to follow on the option to develop an MMU Merz Collective/Rural studio.