Conferments: Manchester School of Art


Many congratulations to these students who have recently been awarded a research degree.

Hannah Allan, PhD
The Archival Context of Contemporary Practice: How Might Temporal Artistic Process Function as Trace Within the Archive?

Roaa Assas, PhD
Designing an e-Philanthropic network in Saudi Arabia

Susan Atkin, PhD
Loose Fit? The impact of Manchester’s music scene on youth fashion

Jenny Baines, PhD
Repeat Frame: Duration as evident in physical qualities of film material and mechanism

Susanna Blatherwick, MPhil
Archaeology of the House – Site – Object – Context. Interpreting a Collection: A Study of the Life and Work of Robert Louis Blatherwick (1920-1993)

Joff Bradley, PhD
Zerrissenheit and Schizoanalysis: Philosophy, Pedagogy and Media Ecology in the Japanese Context

Paulette Brien, MPhil
A consideration of the role and function of the curator in shifting the focus of the contemporary art-fair

Eunice Chan, PhD
The Relaxation Effect of Nature Images and Coloured Light on Healthy People and Hospital Patients in China

Philip Cowan, PhD
Persistence of Vision: Film Authorship and the Role of the Cinematographer (with a Case Study of Gregg Toland)

Paul Cureton, PhD
Drawing in Landscape Architecture: fieldwork, poetics, methods, translation and representation

Timothy Daly, PhD
To develop the authored photography documentary book as a primary form

Sara Kristina Davies, MA
Memories of Home in the Scandinavian Diaspora

Réa De Matas, Phd
Sensuous Festival: What can the Experiential Reveal About the Role of Difference in Carnival

Robert Gaunt, MA
Arthur Dooley: His Place in Post-War British Art History

Maud Goldberg, MA
Spacial Practice Between Installation Art and Architecture

Leanne Green, PhD
Advertising War: Pictorial Publicity, 1914 – 1918

Anne Harrison, MA
Dissecting the Site: Place, Space and Memory at the Old Manchester Royal Infirmary

David Jackson, PhD
Digital Games as Collaborative Story-Writing Platforms

David Jones, PhD by Pub
Raku firing narratives: the embodiment of rupture in the personal and the historical

Sarbjit Kaur, MA
A Poetic and Sculptural Negotiation of Growing Up as a Punjabi Sikh British Woman Encountering Male Bias

Alice Kettle, PhD
Creating a Space of Enchantment: Thread as a Narrator of the Feminine

Jennifer Lock, MA
We are all animals: Visualising a common language for humans and other animals

Christoph Loos, PhD
The Palace at 3 a.m. (Ordo Inversus)A Woodcut (Re-)Invention in Resonance with Merleau-Ponty’s “Chiasma”

Laura Mansfield, PhD
The Island as a model for the interpretation and development of site-based exhibitions of contemporary art.

Amber Roberts, PhD
The symbolic landscape of the industrial form.

Martin Smith, MA
Independent or Indie? Creative autonomy and models of video game production

Ashley Spurr, MA
Digital Design for an Ageing Society

Matthew Steele, MA
The Making of Manchester’s Technical Colleges (1954-1964)

Lewis Sykes, PhD
The Augmented Tonoscope: Towards a Deeper Understanding of the Interplay Between Sound and Image in Visual Music

Joseph Travis, MA
Devising an E-Learning Model for the Teaching of Traditional Crafts Such as Ceramics

Vincent Walsh, PhD
Developing a Whole System Approach to Urban Farming in an Area of High Deprivation

Simon Woolham, PhD
In Search of the Shortcuts: Walking and Narrative in Physical, Virtual and Psychological Space


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