Greater Manchester Consultation on Cultural Strategy


From this year’s MA Show, displaying the incredible talent of our students, through to the extraordinary School of Digital Arts launch, which showcased an ambitious vision at the heart of the city and the creative industries, we are clearly stepping up the scale and ambition of what we do.

To quote one of the alumni speakers at the launch, ‘we are bold and we produce mavericks!’. Loran Dunn spoke passionately about her experience in the School of Art.  She is an inspiration to us all to think bigger, more boldly and to scale up what we do in partnerships both within the city and internationally.

We have an opportunity to help shape the cultural offer and align what we do more closely with the city. Greater Manchester has a consultation open on its cultural strategy and I would encourage you to engage with it. There is a strong focus on inclusivity and arts in a range of contexts so I see particular opportunities for us given our combination of social sciences, humanities and arts producing a powerful combination for innovation. This may be relevant to any of your plans around culture, events, festivals, cultural economy, social innovation and it could result in funding opportunities going forwards. The more we align our offer with the strategic direction of the city the better it will be for everyone so this is a great opportunity.

Sharon Handley
Pro VC Faculty of Arts and Humanities


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