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Talks / Lectures / Seminars

Workshop with Giocherenda, 10th Jun

Date: Monday 10th June 2019 Time: 2pm - 5pm Location: Righton Open Space

Funny Peculiar, 6th Jun

The Council Chamber Manchester Metropolitan University Ormond Building Lower Ormond Street M15 6BX Email— i.hartshorne@mmu.ac.uk A symposium that...

Events / Exhibitions


Listings of relevant external and MMU training opportunities as well as latest announcements and updates from the PAHC Researchers Development Programme 2017 -18 (a full listing of Training related posts – including videos from the RDP 2017-18 sessions uploaded to Vimeo – can be found on the ‘Training‘ page).

Principles and Debates in Social Research, Oct – Dec

Principles and Debates in Social Research All research students are invited to attend this MA unit led by Dr Tom Brock in the Sociology Department. The...

Professionalising Practice Project

Professionalising Practice Project What is it? An opt-in ‘menu’ of talks, training, mentoring, opportunities and live briefs to help you enhance your Professional attitude, your Personal skills...


Have something to say or an issue you’d like to raise awareness about? We welcome opinion pieces, articles and open letters from PGRs and staff about contemporary issues within the Arts & Humanities of interest to the wider PAHC community. Contact Lewis Sykes, HARTSONLINE Coordinator – L.Sykes@mmu.ac.uk – or use the online form on the ‘Contact‘ page.

To the Holden: Past, Present and Future

machines will watch us die has now ended. A big thank you to all who visited. With this letter, I want to thank Holden Gallery’s Steven Gartside...

Hylas and the numpties

I don’t know if it’s still there, but on the V&A’s cast of Michelangelo’s David in the Cast Courts there used to be a tiny brass...

Manchester: A city for artists?

Manchester’s largest and longest surviving studio groups, Rogue Artists’ Studios and MASA are facing closure. In an expanded version of his contribution to the...

Payment in a Diverse Landscape: Beyond the Gallery

Amanda Ravetz, Jack Roberts, Lucy Wright Complex questions surround artists’ engagement and relationship with galleries. What does gallery representation mean for practising artists? Should those...

About the Postgraduate Arts and Humanities Centre (PAHC), Faculty of Arts and Humanities

PAHC was formed in 2017 from the merger of the Manchester School of Art, Manchester Fashion Institute and the Faculty of Humanities, Languages and Social Science. It offers an integrated programme with a clear and distinctive academic and intellectual identity. Our rationale is built around re-imagining forms of knowledge creation through multidisciplinary, cross faculty approaches which play to the unique strengths of the university’s radical history of generating knowledge through praxis. As a modern university, we have a tradition of engaged research, often delivered through collaboration and reflected in an openness to partnerships inside and outside academia. Alongside traditional disciplinary-based approaches PAHC highlights applied, practice-based and inter and multidisciplinary methodologies and promotes projects with elements of social, cultural and public engagement.

PAHC provides research and skills training through our Researcher Development Programme (RDP) workshops and events. The RDP is a focus for our research community and aims to provide a foundation for the understanding of the wider culture and society.

PAHC is a vigorous research community of over 250 postgraduate and early career researchers in the Arts and Humanities with an agenda to do and act in the world in ways that are relevant to society and its cultures through academically rigorous and ethical research.

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From the latest Calls for Papers, conferences, events, news and opportunities aimed at postgraduates and staff in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. Updated regularly, there are listings that cover everything from university events to international conferences.

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