Introduction to Evidence-based Policy Making, 19th March & 18th June


Introduction to evidence-based policy: how to get your research into evidence & practice
About this Event

These sessions are open to staff and post-grads at Manchester Metropolitan University only.

Two dates available:
19th March 2020, 10am – 1pm
18th June 2020, 10am – 1pm

This 3 hour introductory session is designed to provide a brief introduction to policy-making and the role of evidence in shaping policy. The focus is on UK policy-making institutions and we cover the following:

Who makes policy? We look briefly at key policy-making institutions including Parliament, Select Committees, government departments, non-executive bodies and QUANGOs, and key players including politicians, civil servants, pressure groups and the media. We discuss briefly the role of local government, devolved administrations and Europe.
How is policy made in the UK? We look at the formal legislative process including Green Papers, White Papers, Acts of Parliament, Statutory Instruments and scrutiny. We also discuss informal policy-making routes including strategy documents, Ministerial speeches and funding programmes.

What is evidence-based policy? Evidence-based policy can be conceptualised in different ways. A rational model of policy-making assumes a straightforward relationship between research evidence and decision-making, but the reality of policy-making is often less straightforward and the role of research evidence is less clear-cut. There will be different flavours of, and appetites for, evidence, depending on the policy community/domain/network and the wider context.

How can I get involved in policy-making? We finish the session by looking at practical opportunities for academics to get involved in policy-making ranging from submissions to Select Committees and Green and White Paper consultation to engaging with politicians and civil servants.

The session is led by Prof Chris Fox.
Chris Fox is Professor of Evaluation and Policy Analysis at Manchester Metropolitan University and Director of the Policy Evaluation and Research Unit. His most recent book is An Introduction to Evaluation, published by Sage.
Lunch will available – kindly complete the dietary requirements part of the registration form.


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