Invisible Heritage – Reading Group + Publication


***Invisible Heritage – Reading Group + Publication***

Keywords: Intangible Heritage, Cultural Heritage, Conservation, Significance, Values

The nature of heritage is changing. It is now becoming more commonly accepted that heritage objects (such as buildings/ monuments, artefacts and artworks) are a product of contemporary cultural contexts rather than simply the remains or artefacts of past events. Interestingly, this perspective places the significance of these heritage objects with people and culture, rather than as inherent within the physical heritage object itself.

 From this renewed, interpretivist perspective, how do we ensure that the intangible significance of heritage objects is understood and safeguarded for future generations? How can safeguarding accommodate subjective intangible themes of identity, authenticity, memory and locality if they are constantly shifting with the passage of time? How can communities be engaged to ensure they are being accurately represented by the intangible heritage that is to be safeguarded? How do we make way for intangible heritage and temporal qualities of heritage objects within both scholastic and practice discourse? 

This Reading Group is looking to gather an interdisciplinary group of 10 people (PRG Students or Staff) to read and discuss key papers relating to these themes over a timeframe of approximately 6 months in early/mid 2019. Following this period, each member of the group will generate an original piece of work in relation to the conclusions and insights gained from the Reading Group Sessions, culminating in a physical publication that capture’s the group’s hypothesised future of ‘invisible heritage’.

The Reading Group Publication will concentrate on representing the interdisciplinary themes uncovered by the group on this topic, making it a relevant resource across departments within the Arts & Humanities. Submitted works for the publication could be written, artworks, or any other medium that can be represented within the publication.

A funding application will be submitted to cover subsistence costs for the Reading Group as well as costs for the final publication.

Please contact Johnathan Djabarouti for more information or to register your interest:


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