Lecture: Lisa Blackman; Haunted Data, Speculative science and Biosocial matters, 10th Dec


Date: Thursday December 10th

Time: 4-6pm

Location: Brooks Building, Room 2.52

Tickets: free

Professor Lisa Blackman

Department of Media, Communication and Cultural Studies

Goldsmiths University of London

Haunted Data, Speculative science and Biosocial matters

This presentation will draw on material from Lisa’s latest book Haunted Data: Affect, Transmedia, Weird Science (2019, Bloomsbury) set within the context of some of the latest trends across the field of body studies. The presentation will foreground concepts such as the “associated milieu”, dispositive, transmediality, the counterfactual, cultural invitation, for example, in order to explore science as it operates in its most speculative, anticipatory mode. The presentation will develop an approach to biosocial matters that is attentive to the co-constitutive, co-evolutionary, contiguous practices that shape mattering processes and what Couze Venn (2018) has called compossibility.


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