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Dear Colleagues

The login page for ALL online resources, including logging into the reading list system, is changing on Monday 17th December 2018.

All pertinent information about the change, including screenshots, is available by clicking through from the banner on the library website or directly through this status update.

The page that is changing looks like the attached screenshot – ‘current login page’.

This page will change to look like the login page for Office 365, MyMMU and the Intranet. See attached screenshot – ‘new login page 2’.

What do you need to do?

On campus, you should get automatically logged in once you have signed into your PC. However, if you do use the new login page (for example if you are off campus) you will need to enter your username in a different format from how you have entered it previously. Instead of entering your eight digit ID number in the format ‘12345678’, you will need to enter it in the format of (or for students). So this is important information if you are helping students who are off campus.

Why are we making this change?

We are making this change in order to resolve some of the problems that we experience when using the present login page, particularly ‘stale request’ errors. The change also means that the login page for library online resources becomes the same as the page already used for other University services.

Will there be any loss of service or downtime?

The change will not require any downtime and you should not notice any disruption to the service. If you are in the process of signing in when we make the change, you may be redirected and asked to sign in again on the new page.

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