CFP: FEAST Call for Contributions


    Portraits of Regeneration, 2014 Matt Rowe

    Call for Contributions FEAST: Spaces for Eating

    FEAST is currently looking for contributions to its fourth online edition taking the theme of Spaces for Eating

    The final publication in a series exploring the larger frameworks of Setting the Table, Spaces for Eating looks to investigate the architecture, environments and landscapes in which food is prepared, purchased and consumed.

    Whether it is the domestic space of the kitchen table, the public site of the café or bar, or an imagined setting, the environments we eat in are inherently more than just ‘spaces for food’. Pursuing places of consumption as an expression of cultural value, tradition, and changing fashions the forthcoming edition of FEAST aims to gather a range of reflections and critical commentaries that explore our ongoing construction of Spaces for Eating and our changing relationships to their differing forms. Themes for contributions may include, but are not limited to:

    • Formal and informal eating environments — for example the workplace, the cinema, the picnic, the fairground, the camp fire, etc.
    • Public and private spaces of eating and their corresponding rituals of dining.
    • Histories of etiquette and class in relation to specific eating environments.
    • ‘Spaces for Eating’ as settings or frameworks in literature and film
    • Questions of gender, labour and age in relation to certain ‘Spaces for Eating’ — the female ‘domestic space’ and the male ‘professional kitchen’, the dinner ladies of school canteens, and the teenagers of burger bars.
    • Representations of ‘Spaces for Eating’ and their role in popular culture – the American diner, the family restaurant, the hotel, the coffee shop etc.
    • The architecture and design of eating environments and their reflection and molding of shifting fashions
    • The virtual space of TV cookery programmes, online food blogs and social media photography.
    We welcome contributions from across the disciplines of literature, visual culture, contemporary art and history and encourage cross-disciplinary and creative responses in the form of reviews, creative writing, academic essays, and art works.

    Complete submissions should be sent to the editors by October 2nd 2017. Please visit the journal website for further information on the theme and guidelines on how to submit work for consideration.