CONF: Collage, Montage, Assemblage (Edinburgh, 17-19 Apr 18)


    University of Edinburgh, April 17 – 19, 2018

    Collage, Montage, Assemblage: Collected and Composite Forms, 1700-Present


    Free Postgraduate and Early Career Researcher Workshop, The Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, Edinburgh

    14.00-14.15 Registration and Coffee

    14.15-15.00 Publishing Collage
    RIC KASINI KAJOUR, ‘Kolaj Magazine: Key Observations about Collage after Five Years of Publishing’
    ALLAN MADDEN, ‘Piecing Together the Narrative: Une semaine de bonté in the library, the archive and the gallery’

    15.00-15.45 Collage in the Museum, Gallery, and Archive
    BRIDGET MOYNIHAN, ‘Scrappy Contexts: Archival and Digital Interventions on the Edwin Morgan Scrapbooks’
    FREYA GOWRLEY, ‘Exhibiting Collage, 1600-1900’

    15.45-16.30 Collage and Subjecthood
    TOM DAY, ‘Jeff Keen, Pop Film Collagist’
    COLE COLLINS, ‘Collage as Feminist Strategy and Methodology’

    16.30-16.45 Discussion/Reflection

    17.00-18.00 Wine Reception


    18th April, 2018 – Collage, Montage, Assemblage: Collected and Composite Forms, 1700-Present

    9.00-9.30 Registration and Welcome with Coffee

    9.35-10.35 Keynote: DR LUCY PELTZ National Portrait Gallery, London. ‘Granger, Grangerizing and Grangeritis’: Extra-illustration in C19th and C20th Britain and America’. Hunter Lecture Theatre, Main Building, Edinburgh College of Art
    Respondent: DR TOM MOLE, The University of Edinburgh 10.40-12.20


    Panel 1: Publications
    KAREN DI FRANCO, ‘The alchemical, the cut-up and the fragment: The performance of collage in the writing of Ithell Colquhoun, Carolee Schneemann and Kathy Acker’
    HANNAH VINTER, ‘Historical engagement as textual collage in Ursula Krechel’s Landgericht’
    ALISON HORGAN, ‘Gaudy colours’ and ‘disfigur’d shapes’: the patchwork and Thomas Percy’s Reliques of Ancient English Poetry (1765)’

    Panel 2: Bodies
    LISA LEE, ‘Primal Gestures: Thomas Hirschhorn’s Ur-Collages’
    GRAÍNNE RICE, ‘I can’t see the joins’: collage and cut-up bodies in the work of Steven Campbell (1953-2007)’
    KATHERINE ISELIN, ‘Erotic Aesthetics in Collage Inspired by Giulio Romano’s I Modi’
    KATIE ANANIA, ‘Wheat Paste and Por Taste: Carolee Schneemann’s Paper Performances, 1966-1968’

    12.25-13.25 Lunch

    13.25-15.05 SESSION 2

    Panel 3: Materialities
    CATRIONA MACLEOD, ‘Writing with Scissors: Romantic Collage Poetics’
    LUCIE WHITMORE, ‘Chic rag-and-tatter modes’: Remnant Fashions 1914-1918’
    EKATERINA KOCHETKOVA, ‘Assemblage as Method of Garden Making: The Case of Ian Hamilton Finlay’

    Panel 4: Technologies and Digitality
    LUCY WHITEHEAD, ‘Inlaid’ and ’Intercalated’: Victorian Biography as Collage Form’
    BROOKE LEETON, ‘Meaning and/in Digital Collage’
    CRAIG BUCKLEY, ‘An Architecture of Clippings: Reyner Banham and the Redefinition of Collage’

    15.05-15.30 Coffee Break

    15.35-17.15 SESSION 3

    Panel 5: Legacies and Influences
    IRENA KOSSOWSKA, ‘Modernist Synethesia and a Dialog with the Old Masters: Polish Photo-Collage and Photomontage of the 1930s’
    TALIA KWARTLER, ‘Suzanne Duchamp’s Dada Collages (1916- 1921)’
    REBECA ACOSTA, ‘Composite Johnson’ – renderings of Samuel Johnson by John Hawkins and Vladimir Nabokov’

    Panel 6: Intimacies, collaborations and emotions
    BETHAN BIDE, ‘Stitching yourself back together: finding memory, emotion and creativity in the composite garments made under the ‘Make Do and Mend’ scheme in WW2 Britain’
    ROGER ROTHMAN, ‘Topographie Anecdotée du Hasard: A MultiAuthored Literary Collage’
    MAYA WASSELL SMITH, ‘Cigarette Cards and the Sentimental: Sailor collage in the long nineteenth century’
    MADELEINE PELLING, ‘Your Affectionate Queen’: Queen Charlotte, Mary Delany and the Art of Friendship’

    17.30-18.30 Performance: FLORIAN KAPLICK, Kurt / ANNA \ Paul A recital collage using texts from Kurt Schwitters and Paul Auster
    Respondent: PROF. PETER DAYAN, The University of Edinburgh

    18.30-19.30 Wine reception

    19th April, 2018 – Collage, Montage, Assemblage: Collected and Composite Forms, 1700-Present

    9.00-9.15 Registration with coffee

    9.15-10.55 SESSION 1

    Panel 1: Identities
    RACHEL MIDDLEMAN, ‘Collage as a Feminist Strategy in the Work of Anita Steckel’
    SUSAN LAXTON, ‘Psicofotógrafa: Grete Stern and the administration of the unconscious’
    KATE SCHNEIDER, ‘A Short History of Postwar Reconstruction Via Humphrey Jennings’s Swiss Roll Collages’
    BEATRIZ MANTEIGAS, ‘Collage on the life and work of R.B. Kitaj’

    Panel 2: Intermedialities
    PATRICIA ZAKRESKI, ‘A Patchwork Novel: Tessellation and Women’s Writing in the 1870s’
    TOBIAS VOGT, ‘Collage avant la lettre: printed materials in drawings before 1900’
    CHRISTINA MICHELON, ‘Printcraft: Reclaiming and Renaming Early Collage Practices’
    DAVID NELSON, ‘The Materiality of Montage in Alfred Döblin’s Berlin Alexanderplatz’

    10.55-11.20 Coffe Break

    11.25-13.05 SESSION 2

    Panel 3: Ethnographies and geographies
    ORLA FITZPATRICK, ‘From the medieval to the modern: decoration, collage and photography in the album work of Lady Louisa Tenison (1819-1882)’
    MOLLY DUGGINS, ‘Crafting the Colonial Environment through Album Assemblage’
    JOANNA PAWLIK, ‘Collaging Surrealism in Ted Joans’ The Hipsters (1961)’
    DEBRA HANSON, ‘Interventions: Collage, Black Bodies, and a New History of Modernism’

    Panel 4: Sound/music
    FLORIAN KAPLICK, ‘Composing collages with texts and collaging compositions with music’
    CAITLIN WOOLSEY, ‘Imaging Orality in the Sound and Visual Collages of Henri Chopin’
    BRIANNA ROBERTSON-KIRKLAND, ‘Nineteenth-century Composite Music Collections: assemblage, diversity, geography and personality’

    13.10-14.10 Lunch

    14.15-15.55 SESSION 3

    Panel 5: Display and Dissemination
    ROCÍO ROBLES TARDÍO, ‘Mies van der Rohe: working with collage, thinking about replicas, 1939-1943. The case of Museum for a Small Village project’
    C.C. MARSH, ‘Roger Caillois at UNESCO: Collage as contreattaque’
    KAYLEE ALEXANDER, ‘Cut, Copy, Paste: A Truthful Picture of the Paris Catacombs’

    Panel 6: Historiographies
    JESSICA BARNESS and STEVEN MCCARTHY, ‘Coding and Decoding: Collage as Communication Design Scholarship’
    ZOE KINSLEY, ‘Coherence and Customisation in the Scrapbooks of Dorothy Richardson (1748-1819)’
    MATTHEW BOWMAN, ‘Collage as Model’
    SAMUEL BIBBY, ‘The Unnoticed Articles that Result from Mass Production’: Historiography as Collage’

    16.00-17.00 Keynote: DR ADRIAN SUDHALTER Art Historian and Curator, New York. ‘The Museum of Modern Art’s 1948 Collage Exhibition’ Hunter Lecture Theatre, Main Building, Edinburgh College of Art
    Respondent: DR PATRICK ELLIOTT, Scottish National Galleries of Modern Art, Edinburgh

    17.00-17.15 Closing Remarks