CONF: Northern Residency, A Symposium, 8th June, Righton Building, MMU


    Performance, artworks, readings, conversations

    8th June 2017, 2 – 6pm
    Open Space of the Righton Building,
    Cavendish Street, MMU

    Free – everyone is welcome

    The artist’s residency is an opportunity to experience new place that provide the impetus for new work or a fresh engagement with an ongoing project. These experiences can be both stimulating and difficult: an unfamiliar location is encountered through a habitual lens that is hard to shake off.

    We will show work made during two residencies in the far north of Norway and Sweden and explore the relationship between affective engagement, geographical location and experiential dislocation in relation to forms of creative practice.


    Fionna Barber, Manchester School of Art

    William Card, Blackburn College and Manchester School of Art

    Sara Davies, Manchester School of Art

    Rita Duffy, Artist

    Grace Gelder, Photographer and facilitator

    Myna Trustram, Manchester School of Art