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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

DAHJ relaunch and new article

DAHJ relaunch and new article
The International Journal for Digital Art History (DAHJ) has always sought to gather current developments in the field of Digital Art History and to foster discourse world-wide. Now we are taking the next step!
DAHJ is excited to announce the launch of our new-and-improved website at http://dahj.org.  This relaunch was part of the initiative Publishing Digital Art History, made possible by a generous grant by the Kress Foundation. This allowed us to design a website that more fully engages the needs and interests of the DAHJ community. We collaborated with a team of artists and designers–Roger Antonsen, Greg Niemeyer, and Olivia Ting–and are excited to show off the new features:
A News section. We want DAHJ to be the main outlet for readers to find out about anything DAH-related (CFPs, Conferences, Funding, etc.). Our News section allows readers to submit their own content, which will be subsequently posted and visible to the rest of the community.
A Gallery section. Digital art history has many media outputs, and we don’t want to be limited to text. Here, we will be showcasing artists who produce content (such as images, video, 3D models) that may be of interest to the DAHJ community.
A Map interface. Using topic modeling and network visualization, we have built an interface that shows users links between the subject matter of every article we have published. Clicking on any node will take you to the relevant article.
A new Logo! We wanted a logo that foregrounds the potential for digital art history (and DAHJ) to make new connections, both conceptual and concrete.
We are also launching a rolling publication scheme. Each article is published as soon as it is accepted and formatted.
We begin Issue #4 “Transformation of Institutions” with an article by Johanna Drucker, accompanied by images created for DAHJ by the artist Marc Gumpinger.
With the article “The Museum Opens”, we are opening our new website to you, along with this new issue. We will be releasing more articles in the coming weeks, so stay tuned. As we said: We are excited–and hope you are too.