EVENT: Dormant things in domestic spaces, Sophie Woodward, MMU


    Writing Workshop: Writing Dormant Things 10am – 12pm

    In preparation for the workshop, please bring with you:

    • A short piece of writing about a ‘dormant thing’ in your home,
    • An image or the object itself

    Lecture: Dormant things in domestic spaces: attics, lofts and shelves 1pm – 2pm

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    Houses are full of ‘dormant things’ – objects that we keep but are not currently using – which range from objects which embody memories of cherished others, through to items which have been accidentally stuffed at the back of a drawer. These things have received scant attention other than within decluttering discourses where these things are presumed to be a problematic signifier of materialism or a life out of control. The Dormant Things research project explores these things and the spaces within the house – drawers attics and cupboards – that they are found it. It explores how and why we keep hold of these things and opens up questions of the vibrancy of these dormant things as they resonate with potential future uses or remembered pasts and people.

    Sophie Woodward is a lecturer in sociology at the University of Manchester who carries out research into material culture and everyday life and is particularly interested in developing inventive methods for understanding material culture. She is the author of several books including Why Women Wear What they Wear (2007), Blue Jeans: the art of the ordinary (2012). She is currently researching Dormant Things – forgotten or hidden domestic objects.

    For more information about Dormant Things and to see some examples please visit http://projects.socialsciences.manchester.ac.uk

    Image. C. dismagazine, article with Dan Miller and Sophie Woodward