EVENT: Sci – Bar Brain Hacking, Tuesday 30th May


    Brain hacking: The science and ethics of tinkering with the mind

    This event will take place on Tuesday 30th May from 5:30pm onwards. The talk will last around 45 mins, with a quick break before a question and answer session and the chance for further discussion while enjoying a few drinks in the cosy settings of the Lass O’Gowrie pub. No scientific background needed, just turn up and join in!

    This month’s SciBar will be the last in the 2016-17 series and is brought to you by Dr Nick Davis, senior lecturer in Psychology at Manchester Met:

    One of the greatest mysteries in science is the relationship between the brain and the mind. There are many ways to study the human brain, developed over the last couple of centuries.

    More recently scientists have developed ways to change the activity of the brain, which allow us to probe the brain as it works. Some of these methods may be useful in treating the brain when things go wrong. But what happens if we try to ‘fix’ a brain that’s not broken? Can we enhance the mind beyond its normal level? And if so, when would this be ethically okay and when would it not? Dr Nick Davis of MMU will ask (but probably not answer) these questions and more.

    If you have any questions about this or other Manchester Met Engage events, please get in touch via engage@mmu.ac.uk