EVENT: Spatial Affinities//Creativity – 22-30 April at Bankley Studios Gallery


    Spatial Affinities // Creativity

    Current MMU student Stacey Coughlin in conversation with Elaine Fox, Lisa Risbec and Jodie Silverman

    22 -30 April 2017
    Preview 21 April 6-9pm

    Bankley Studios Gallery, Bankley Street, Levenshulme, Manchester, M19 3PPSpatial Affinities’ is an exploration of the essence of Space/Place and our emotional and behavioural responses to it, within both the individual and collective context.

    Containing installation sculptures, the exhibition considers the idea that conversations form their own atmosphere or ambience and how mental imagery can emerge and linger through these interactions.

    Influenced by relational aesthetics, hermeneutics, and dialogical art, this series involves talking one-to-one with creative practitioners and artists about their creativity. These intangible experiences are then made physical in the form of a sensory environment; partially revealing elements of the discussion within spatial representations.

    The individual spaces converse between themselves creating a collective voice of shared meanings and opposing ideas. The conversation dialogue is not shared with the audience; causing layers of meaning and context to be both created and lost through the representational process.

    Shared Spatial Discussion: 30 April 2-4pm
    All welcome to attend
    Drawing the exhibition to a close, some of the artists involved will be in discussion together and responding to the artworks on display.

    Open Sat & Sun 12-4pm
    or by appointment. Please contact staceycoughlin.art@gmail.com

    Bankley Studios & Gallery
    Bankley Street, Manchester, M19 3PP