EVENT: Using the Force: How Cells Feel Their Environment, SciBar talk on Monday 25th September, 5:30pm at Lass O’Gowrie


    This month’s fascinating SciBar talk is brought to you by Dr Ben Stutchbury:

    Using the Force: How Cells Feel Their Environment

    From the basics of cell biology to how cells know where they are in the body, this talk takes you on a journey of cell-f reflection.

    Learn how cells ‘feel’ their environment using their molecular ‘hands’. Because some tissues, like the brain, are very soft and squidgy, while others like muscle and bone are much more rigid. These mechanical signals drastically influence how a cell behaves. So we know the cell must be sensing these signals, but we don’t actually know how. Or do we?

    Using audience participation and more ex-cell-ent puns than you can shake a cell-ery stick at, I will explain what my (former) lab has been doing for the last 4 years to try to figure this out and, more importantly, why this information is vital for improving the treatment of many diseases, especially cancer.

    This event will take place on Monday 25th September from 5:30pm onwards. The talk will last around 45 mins, with a quick break before a question and answer session and the chance for further discussion while enjoying a few drinks in the cosy settings of the Lass O’Gowrie pub. No scientific background needed, just turn up and join in!