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Monday, August 10, 2020

FEAST: Sugar is now available to read

FEAST: Sugar is now available to read

FEAST: Sugar brings together research by Ellie Doney with contributions from academics, researchers, cooks, writers, and artists to present sugar as a material intertwined with questions of power, desire and exploitation.

Motivated by a desire to learn more about sugar, its complex histories and varied contemporary uses, FEAST commissioned artist and materials specialist Ellie Doney to develop her research into the sweet stuff. Hosting a series of workshops at Manchester museum, The Institute of Making and with Museumand in Nottingham, Ellie has explored sugar as an active material, a substance that takes on manifold forms and has a powerful impact on the body and our desires, as well as shaping historical and contemporary culture.

In conjunction with Ellie’s research FEAST: Sugar features contributions from:
Bobby Baker, Rob Bidder, Cube Cola, Caitriona Devery, Hannah Drayson, Dust Collective, Jillian Galle, Samira Kawash, William Maclehose, Terri Mercieca, Professor Richard Murphy, Museumand, Anna Ploszajski, Mike Sulu and Natalie Zacek.
Through the contributors diverse voices the edition interweaves a discussion on the complex histories of sugar with innovative and playful perspectives on its material properties.