Join us this Summer for an exciting programme of events


    Summer is here, festival season is on the approach and we’ve got a jam-packed Summer Programme for you to look forward to…

    Distractions – Innovation, revolution and the future of entertainment, 18-20 July

    Distractions is a three-day summit of debates, talks, panels, content and new music showcases with some of the world’s leading tech companies, artists and producers – presented by Manchester International Festival, Sound City and FutureEverything, and developed by the Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, and Greater Manchester Combined Authority.

    What happens when we work together to imagine, build and test ideas for collective futures?

    FutureEverything at Distractions will kickstart this long weekend by bringing artists, makers and industry together with the people of Greater Manchester to connect their ideas for the future. Join us for a day of inspiring discussions, creative thinking and hands-on prototyping alongside future leaders and creative practitioners working across art, digital culture and technology.

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    New speakers announced for Future Sessions: Atmospheric Memory, 2-8 July

    ICYMI, tickets are now on sale for Future Sessions this July. Join us for artist talks, walking tours and a very special Symposium dedicated to the Air of Turbulence.

    Alongside Atmospheric Memory artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, we’re excited to welcome a host of fantastic speakers to the stage. Including AI entrepreneur, William Tunstall-Pedoe, Mozilla Foundation’s Sam Burton and climate change researcher, Sarah Mander… among others!

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    Just one month to go until Atmospheric Memory premieres at MIF19

    Experience a breathtaking interactive art environment where you can see, hear and even touch the sounds that travel through the atmosphere.

    Rafael Lozano-Hemmer’s Atmospheric Memory scours the sky for the voices of our past. Inspired by computing pioneer Charles Babbage’s 180-year-old proposal that the air is a ‘vast library’ holding every word ever spoken, Atmospheric Memory asks: was Babbage right? Can we rewind the air to recreate long-lost voices? And if so, whose would we want to hear?

    An array of ‘Atmospheric Machines’ mine the air for turbulence caused by speech, then transform it into trails of vapour, ripples on water, epic 360-degree projections. These artworks are presented alongside a section of a Babbage Analytical Engine, a rare object in the prehistory of computing from the Science Museum Group’s collection.

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    Catch Helen Knowles discussing Trickle Down – A New Vertical Sovereignty at iDAF

    Created by Artist Helen Knowles in collaboration with Denis Jones, Trickle Down – A New Vertical Sovereignty is a tokenised, four-screen video installation and soundscape attached to the blockchain. Composed of auction scenes, auction performances and choral interludes, the artwork seeks to explore value systems and wealth disparity across different communities from prison inmates, to market shoppers, to buyers at Sotheby’s auction house.

    The work will premiere at Arebyte Gallery, London from January 2020, but in the meantime you can catch Helen talking about the work at iDAF in Manchester, which takes place 26–27 June.

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