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Message from Dr. Tina Richardson, Senior Lecturer | Critical & Contextual Studies

Dear All,

I have set up a reading group for the school in the area of Cultural Theory/Cultural Studies. Everyone is welcome. We will meet 4 times/term at the end of the working day in the school and read through some classical Cultural Theory texts and carry out what is traditionally known as a ‘close reading’. The texts will be made available beforehand so people can read them prior to the meeting if they choose (although this isn’t a requirement). It will all be very relaxed and no one will be made to feel under any pressure to contribute if they don’t want to – you can just come along and listen.

Below are the dates and times for term 1 (I have not yet booked a room as I do not know numbers at this time):

Meeting 1: Mon 7th Oct, 5.15 in (tba)

Theme: What is Culture?

Meeting 2: Tues 22nd Oct, 5.15 in (tba)

Theme: The Civilised Self

Meeting 3: Weds 6th Nov, 5.15 in (tba)

Theme: Marx and Class

Meeting 4: Thurs 21st Nov, 5.15 in (tba)

Theme: Ideology and Subjectivity

Please email me if you are interested and would like to go on the mailing list. You aren’t ‘expected’ to turn up if you go on the mailing list – this is mostly to do with keeping you in the loop, providing you with the texts, and for numbers, so I can get a big enough room.

If you have any questions, please ask.


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