MMU Special Collections and The Modernist Society: Hulme is Here



Get HULME here

The latest instalment of From The Archives is here and its HULME

This is one many of you have been waiting for. In collaboration with the MMU Special Collections we produced 6 photobooks utilising their Visual Resources Library. The latest release is the much anticipated HULME collection – offering these great images for the first time in print form.

From The Archives is a collaboration with the MMU Special Collections presenting images from their Visual Resources Library slide collection.

Together with Dr Richard Brook we have curated a series of 6 photobooks each focussing on post war new towns and social housing. The majority of these images are rarely seen and have never been in print before. The images are historical, from the 1960s and 70s, and were scanned from the original slides.

The individual books are beautifully litho printed in full colour and are themselves limited edition.


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