New religion and the arts research cluster


Posted on behalf of Josh Endleman

Just after Easter, MMU will be hosting a visit from two experts in literature, the gothic and spirituality from Sogang University in Seoul, Korea—Profs Jang Ki Yoon and Kim Chihun. The plan is to use this visit to catalyze the development of a new MMU research cluster in religion, spirituality and the arts.

At the moment, I envision something that brings together researchers looking at different art forms (not limited to, but certainly including, poetry, the novel, performance, sculpture, painting and video) who are engaging with traditions and issues of religion and spirituality through a variety of research methods, including practice-based ones based on actual art making.  

I know the area is broad, but I think it one in which we may find some interesting and productive connections. Profs Jang and Kim are keen to tailor their talks in a way that is most helpful for us, and I would like to give them some guidance to that end.

So if you are interested in potentially being part of this cluster, I’d appreciate a quick note to say you’re interested, a few words on your research interests might link in, and any thoughts on what you might find as a helpful focus from Profs Jang and Kim, if you have. 

Please email to register your interest


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