Online Transcript: RTP 2019-20: Core Series: Media Training – 18th Mar


Have you ever wanted to promote your research and/or practice more broadly? This session will look at the ways you can translate your research and practice for different media outlets and boost the impact of your work. The award-winning poet Andrew McMillan will discuss his experiences of working with different media, what writers, artists and academics can expect from media outlets, how to go about promoting your work, and how best to talk about your research/practice for a general audience.

This session will now take place online. The session will now be led by Andrew McMillan and Kim Moore, both of whom have extensive experience working with a range of different media outlets. The session will take place as a text conversation using AdobeConnect. The session runs from 10-12.

To join the session, please click this link:

You will then be asked to type in your name and then all need to do is click the button to join the discussion.

Transcript for the session embedded below.