PAHC Symposium – Call for Papers


7thAnnual Postgraduate Arts & Humanities Centre (PAHC) Symposium: 


Friday 17thMay 2019 

Business School, Manchester Metropolitan University 

What is the purpose of the Symposium? 

This annual symposium will focus explicitly on the challenges you are facing in your own research. All papers should make direct reference to a key challenge, with an eye to how other students might benefit from sharing this. 

It is an opportunity for research students, including those who are practice-based, to meet and discuss their research with other postgraduates from across PAHC, and to receive comment and feedback from more experienced academics. 

We have designed the Symposium to be supportive, but critical. The abstract submission and review process is straightforward, and will offer constructive feedback, and the atmosphere at the symposium will be collegial and supportive, whilst challenging all participants to improve and advance their research. Prizes (Blackwell’s gift cards) will be awarded for Best Paper (£100); Best Poster (£50); Most Engaging Presentation (£50).

Who should participate? 

All research students in PAHC are expected to attend and to submit papers. 

What are the types of presentation that can be submitted? 

  1. Full papers – which are presented in a 30-minute slot, with 20 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for discussion. Presenters will be encouraged to use PowerPoint and/or any other visual aids that they deem appropriate.  
  2. Performative or creative workshops or events -which are presented in a 30-minute slot, with 20 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for discussion.
  3. Poster papers – which are presented in the form of an A1 display, possibly an accumulation of 6-8 PowerPoint slides, or any other format that the presenter chooses. Each poster paper author is allocated a display space in the break area, and during breaks will stand by their poster paper, and engage in informal conversations discussion about their paper with anyone who is interested. This can be more interesting and valuable than you might imagine – try it and see!  

If your presentation has any specific technical, spatial or event related requirements, please state these in a separate section attached to your abstract.

The submission deadline for extended abstracts will be Sunday 7th April 2019 

What is the submission process? 

The submission process for full papers, performative or creative events and poster papers is the same:  

  1. Authors should submit an extended abstract of their paper by Sunday 7thApril 2019.Details of the formatting of this abstract are given below. All submissions should be made by email for the attention of Kate Johnson to (, with the following in the subject line ‘7thAnnual Postgraduate Arts & Humanities Centre Submission’ 
  2. All abstracts will be reviewed for their suitability by a panel of experienced conference paper reviewers. Papers will be selected for either full paper or poster paper presentation. Those authors only wishing to have their paper considered for submission as a poster paper should indicate this when they submit their extended abstract. 
  3. Students will receive feedback on their extended abstract by Friday 26thApril 2019. They are advised to take this feedback into account when preparing their presentation.  
  4. Students who choose to revise their extended abstracts following feedback have the option to resubmit by Friday 3rdMay 2019.

What is the format for the extended abstract?

  1. Extended abstracts should be between 500 and 1000 words in length. This format has been chosen for various reasons: 
    1. It is not uncommon for conference calls for papers to ask for an extended abstract at some stage in the submission process  
    1. It should be easier and less time consuming for authors to write than writing a longer conference paper  
    1. It will make putting together conference proceedings relatively straightforward. 
  2. The abstract should be structured into paragraphs, as appropriate, and should include a selected number of citations, and conclude with necessary references (around 6-15). Diagrams, figures, or images may be used, provided there are no copyright issues or technical reproduction difficulties. 
  3. References should be in Harvard style. In order to avoid lengthy lists of instructions on referencing this conference is permissive as to precise referencing style. Please adhere to good practice in your field, as, for example, exemplified by one of the leading academic journals in your field. 
  4. In terms of formatting, please adhere to the following guidelines: 
    1. Typeface – Times New Roman 12 
    1. Spacing – 1.15 
    1. Margins – 2.54cm all round
    1. No headers or footers 
    1. Title – TNR 14, Bold 
    1. Followed by Author Name, Department, and e-mail contact details – TNR12, Bold 
    1. Subheadings (if used) TNR 12, Bold + Italic 
    1. For other formatting, follow the format of this call. 

Finally… Remember that we depend on you to help us to make this Symposium a success, and to join with us in celebrating and showcasing the excellent research achievements of research students in this Faculty. 


Monday 25th February                    Call for Papers

Wednesday 27th February            Call for volunteers for the Organising Committee

Thursday 14th March                       Organising Committee Meeting

Sunday 7th April                               Submission of extended abstracts

Friday 26th April                               Feedback from reviewers

Monday 29th April                            Meeting of Organising Committee

Friday 3rd May                                  Submission of revised extended abstracts

Thursday 16th May (pm)                Setting up of event

Friday 17th May                               Symposium

Kate Johnson (Symposium Administrator) 

Steve Miles (Chair of 7thAnnual PAHC Symposium)   


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