Payment in a Diverse Landscape: Beyond the Gallery


Amanda Ravetz, Jack Roberts, Lucy Wright

Complex questions surround artists’ engagement and relationship with galleries. What does gallery representation mean for practising artists? Should those exhibiting in galleries be paid? If so, how much and by whom? Why are some artists prepared to work for nothing? At the same time, contemporary artistic practice is highly diverse: while some artists produce object-based artworks, others engage in so-called socially engaged projects. So what happens if there is no marketable ‘final product’ at the end of an artistic venture? How do those artists who choose to work outside the gallery system gain professional validation for their work and thereby make a living?

People sang and danced together, wearing costumes made over the course of the artist’s stay, before attaching their windy hopes and memories to a giant tetrahedral kite they had made together. Dunstablians have since taken on the tradition and have celebrated Dunstable Wind Charming Day on Dunstable Downs for three years running (photos: Graham Watson)

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