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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Andy Coates

Andy Coates
The Potential for a Genre and Corpus Analysis of Academic writing to inform Content in the Writing Component of a University Pre-sessional English Course.

Academic writing is an important skill for all students in higher education, but can be particularly demanding for international students. Pre-sessional English courses aim to assist these students to reach a level of ability in the language that will enable them to successfully complete their programs of study, and a significant component of this process is learning the features, characteristics, and techniques of academic writing. However, there is some cause to question how accurately the content of such courses reflects the reality of how academic writers write, or the disciplinary variation found across academic discourse communities. An analysis of academic corpora composed of writing from published sources as well as from native, and non-native English speaking students may prove extremely useful in guiding pedagogy by highlighting the features of academic writing that may most benefit pre-sessional students. This study will carry out such an analysis, in combination with interviewing students who have completed pre-sessional courses and experienced the realities of writing academically in the university context, so as to gain both objective and subjective insights into the use and challenges of academic writing. This will demonstrate the potential for this methodology when it comes to informing content in EAP courses of this kind.


Research Degree: PhD, Full-time
Department: Languages, Information and Communications
Funded: NWCDTP