Derek Trillo

    The Flow of Life: Photographing architecture as populated spaces

    I am a commercial & documentary photographer and a part-time tutor. My PhD is practice-led (photography)

    My research concerns the representation of the built environment. In conventional architectural photography the form of buildings is shown without reference to the function of the spaces within and between them; which was the primary purpose for their construction.

    I depict the built environment as populated spaces, captured over a period of time beyond the scope of conventional ‘still’ photography. My practice produces constructed digital images, to illustrate the movement and direction of people within and between buildings.

    My practice is intended to support the architectural design process, teaching and research.

    Through research of the supporting context, I question the nature of photography, tackling such issues as:

    The weight of authorship contained within ‘record photography’.

    If photography is distinct from film/cinema by showing a brief moment, how can still photography convey actions over an extended period?

    How do we see ‘still’ images as ‘moving’?

    Will the viewer read accumulated, multiple exposures as being truthful representations?

    How objective can my images be if I make multiple decisions as to their edited content, locations and timings?

    Are digital images distrusted, or are they now widely accepted?