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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Emma Grain

Emma Grain
Closed Loop: 3D Printing For Menswear

This practice-based enquiry examines design and manufacturing possibilities using 3D printed PET filament for menswear. rPET filament is a recycled material usually made from plastic bottles, in this enquiry I will test the feasibility of recycled polyester clothing. ‘Closed Loop’ is a complex system involving a seamless interaction between manufacture, consuming and recycling.

Since 2012 3D printing has emerged as new method of manufacture for clothes this has mainly been evident in experimental sculptural forms for women.

I will follow an established design process for fashion enhanced by the testing and sampling of new materials and by working directly designing onto the body virtually. To build upon existing concepts for 3D printed clothes these garments will be fully 3D printed including innovative integral fastening and joining techniques.