Fabrizio Cocchiarella

    The role of design practice in exploring and interpreting paranormal phenomena.

    Projects aim to examine the relationship between design and paranormal phenomena. The term paranormal in this context refers to “a proposition that has not been empirically attested to the satisfaction of the scientific establishment but is generated within the non-scientific community and extensively endorsed by people who might normally be expected by their society to be capable of rational thought and reality testing.” (Irwin, 2009).
    Practice based studies through the concept of ‘para-design’ (paranormal design) will examine the degree to which paranormal belief influences the perception of the designed environment.

    By investigating how design practice methodologies can be used to elicit paranormal responses to environmental conditions through a series of collaborative projects with paranormal psychologists, research will explore supernatural phenomena, such as ESP (Extra-Sensory Perception) (Bem et al., 2001), paranormal beliefs and haunting. This research project has the potential to generate data that can inform new design parameters, both for extending psychical research and in developing design approaches for future environments that explore phenomenological and psycho-spatial experience.


    Research Degree: PhD (practice led), Part-time
    Department: Design
    Research Centre: Design
    Funded: Manchester Metropolitan University