Gary Bratchford

    Visual Activism in Israel and the Occupied Territories

    My PhD thesis is concerned with examining the politics of visibility, expressly related to nonviolent Palestinian and international activist practices carried out in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. By identifying this practice as visual activism my research aims to identify a relationship between new media technologies and the presentation and circulation of activist imagery. I argue that visual activism is a constitutive act that helps form political subjectivities and conceptual frames for visual activist practices to be read and understood internationally. By outlining how political acts and their aesthetics are practiced over time (specifically throughout the Second Intifada and into the post intifada era) my contribution to knowledge is supported by grounding the term visual activism within contemporary discourses related to the politics of aesthetics and the aesthetics of politics, visual sociology and the notion of transnational networks to identify how local and international anti-occupation activists achieve new visibilities.

    Conferred 2016