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Monday, July 13, 2020

Hannah Elizabeth Allan

Hannah Elizabeth Allan
How might artistic practice function as trace within the archive?

My study is one concerned with the elements which make up the archival records of a performative, temporal practice. Using the theory of trace, as defined by Paul Ricoeur, I explore the shifting and fleeting nature of the artefacts produced through my work.

The documentation of this practice allows for an examination of absence: existing outside of time, both before and after the event which it describes, a pointer to something which cannot be described or experienced.

These traces form as untranslatable relics or overwritten palimpsest.

The artefacts of process are further interrogated in making new self reflective, cyclical works. Pieces are performative gestures, situations, responses and instructions – arguably momentary, decaying, facing the problematic of their documentation and inclusion within the archive.


Conferred 2016