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Wednesday, July 15, 2020


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Kaija-Luisa Kurik

Temporary City. Critical Approach to Temporary Urbanism in Post-Socialist and Post-Industrial Contexts

The aim of the PhD in Urban Studies and Architecture is to critically approach the concept of temporary urbanism and look if there lies an opportunity for triggering urban change on indeterminate landscapes that have emerged as a result of economic decline, reconfiguration of industry or change of regime. Temporary uses are a central issue of an increasing number of discussions considering the future of urban planning. More and more we can read about concepts and theories such as tactical-, ephemeral-, weak urbanism, interstitial urbanism, “makeshift” city….etc. I am interested in analysing inner city indeterminate land/residual space/urban wastelands and the possibilities that informal actors have for creating urban change in mostly privatized post-soviet urban landscapes (Tallinn, Estonia) and juxtaposing these developments with urban regeneration in post-industrial Northern England (Liverpool and Manchester). While looked at as an innovative tool by urban activists, policy-makers in most cases don not look at temporary uses as a considerable alternative to strategic long term planning, but rather see the trend as an inconvenience. My aim is to challenge the idea of temporary urbanism from both perspectives – the top-down official and bottom-up activist approaches to planning and the city.

Conferred 2016