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Keith W Roberts

Keith W Roberts
Exploring Photographic Archival Intervention Within the Edward Chambre-Hardman Portraiture Collection 1923-1966

Edward Chambré-Hardman was a Liverpool based commercial portrait photographer, practicing between 1923 to 1966. He left behind a vast collection of photographic work including portraiture, landscape and cityscape works which are now stored within the Central Liverpool Library. The focus of this research concerns the portraiture component of Hardman’s archive, which consists of approximately 140,000 individual sheet negatives. The research conducted to date includes the difficulties experienced with accessing Hardman’s archive and the subsequent development of a database designed to drive the process of archival intervention. The practical output of the research to date covers both technical testing and case study development through the creation of individual artist books. Lastly, the research intends to include the mapping of the archive and the completion of the database. Literature in relation to both archival intervention within contemporary arts practice, the artist as archivist and the use of typology in photographic practice is reviewed within the research. The written element will also elaborate upon discourse surrounding the use of the archive within photographic and arts practice, then moving on to define the meaning of ‘typology’ in relation to the classic use of the term, as compared with the definition specifically determined by the research.