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Maxim Dedushkov

Maxim Dedushkov
Portrait photography of Eszter Bircsák and Maxim Dedushkov for Dedushkov Design Agency photographed by Peter Puklus. Peter Puklus is an artist living and working in Budapest, Hungary. He studied photography at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest (MOME) and new media design at the École National Supérieur de Création Industrielle (ENSCI) in Paris. He is about to finish his DLA (Doctor of Liberal Arts) studies in photography at MOME. Beside the photographic gaze which can always be found in the center of Puklus’ works, he recently started to explore undiscovered territories beyond the wooden frame. His recent projects involve sculptures, objects, installations, drawings and videos. In 2012 he published two photo-books: ‘One and a half meter‘ with Kehrer Verlag and ‘Handbook to the Stars‘ with Stokovec. At the moment he is working on his third book ‘The Epic Love Story of a Warrior‘ to be published in 2015. Puklus is represented by Trapéz in Budapest and Robert Morat in Hamburg and Berlin. Peter Puklus is availble for commissioned photographic works in Budapest, Hungary and the neighbouring countries. http://peterpuklus.com/commissioned/
How can design driven interdisciplinary collaborative networks help business and the public sector innovate in a future-proof way?

In the world of hypercomplexity and hyper rapid changes the answer to the escalating economic and social problems can only be a complex, comprehensive solution. And such a solution is more likely to emerge from design focused interdisciplinary collaborative networks which I believe will have the advantage in innovation. The question is how to “manage” such complex networks.


Research Degree: PhD, Part-time