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Oliver Delgaram-Nejad

Oliver Delgaram-Nejad
Formal Thought Disorder as Iterative Ambiguation; the Cognitive Constraints on Figurative Thought, Language, and Communication: Neurocognitive Correlates?

Formal Thought Disorder (FTD), the symptoms of which alter language at the levels of organisation and expression, entails incoherent discourse; which often exacerbates the implicit sensitivity of complex clinical interactions. Linguistic creativity, i.e., the manipulation of language for artistic purposes, also involves alterations at these same levels. The difference, however, is volitional. Investigations into the extent to which these processes are related are scarce; therefore, this project recruits experimental psycholinguistic methods to explore the symptoms of FTD as involuntary expressions of linguistic creativity. That is, as a pathology located in the neurocognition of creativity.


Research Degree: PhD, Part-time
Department: Languages, Information, and Communications; Psychology