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Patrick Baxter

Patrick Baxter
Experiencing ‘Ghost Developments’ in Post-Crisis Ireland: A practice led interdisciplinary investigation into land, private property and public space

I am a filmmaker currently conducting practice-led research into the newly built environment in post-economic crisis Republic of Ireland, with particular reference to unfinished housing estates and vacant commercial property- which I refer to as ‘ghost developments’. The aim of the project is to provoke debate around issues of property speculation, gentrification and land ownership in order to create new public spaces for artistic expression and social engagement. I am interested in the tension between the experiential and the post-colonial frame of analysis in understanding contemporary and historical Irish subjectivities. As a filmmaker I am heavily influenced by Patrick Keiller’s Psychogeographies in London (1994), Bob Quinn’s subversive musings on Irish identity in Atlantean (1981), Chris Marker’s cine-poem in San Soleil (1982), Andrew Kötting’s idiosyncratic, playful style in Gallivant (1995) and Lenny Abrahamson’s modern Irish tragedy Garage (2004). I hold an MA in visual anthropology and am a founding member of the documentary and film collective Castles Built in Sand.


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