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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Paul Proctor

Paul Proctor
How is Photography Performed in a Virtual Space?

Algorithms now determine how we experience the visual field photographically. The algorithm has become the new realm. But this does not mean that the process is inhuman, rather it necessitates a new materialist approach that embraces the human and non-human as co-creating entities. This operation can be initiated by performing intra-actively with the photographic digital apparatus; a space where the human, non-human and image become agentialy entangled.

My work is generated within the algorithmically determined space of 3D computer software, where the system itself is the subject matter and the performative act of imaging is the motivation for exploring the potentialities of the programme’s codes of construction. This digital 3D space is essentially photographic, where the modelling of light, its properties and qualities, determines the form of the image.

The implication of this practice highlights the need for a reconfiguration of the ontology of photography to account for 21st century photographic practices of this kind. This new ontology directly challenges the traditional indexical nature of photography and its privileged reference to the ‘real out there’. I propose a new materialist approach to the nature of subjectivity that questions the role human actors play in visualising this new photographic space.


Research Degree: PhD (practice led), Part-time
Department: Media
Research Centre: MSARC
Funded: Manchester Metropolitan University