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Sara Davies

Sara Davies
Creating Images of Belonging through Diasporic Touch

My research project examines issues of belonging in the Swedish diaspora in the north of England bringing a minority discourse into the public realm. I am developing a notion called diasporic touch exploring how a combination of seeing, touching and creative writing opens up an imaginary space where ‘there and then’ is ‘here and now’, and where the process of making art generates a sense of belonging.

I create images of belonging through diasporic touch, problematising the notion of home as tied to place. Through a combination of performative photography and self-life writing I visualise and name the embodied experience of having two cultural narratives. Using the fluctuating unrest of the written ‘I’ and the obscure ambiguity of the image-making ‘eye’ I investigate my multiple and partial belongings.

Through my Anglo-Nordic art practice I am developing the means to materialise Homi Bhabha’s (1994) notion of ‘third space’ between cultures, making his abstract notion more tangible. In a gentle proclamation of Sarah/Sara, I visualise the hyphen between Anglo and Nordic, I express the wavering diasporic experience between established historical discourses.

Bhabha, H., 1994. The Location of Culture. New York: Routledge.