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Stephen Roberts

Stephen Roberts
Wirral and the Great War 1910-1922

Combining the use of military, local and genealogical sources, I am exploring the impact of the Great War of 1914-1918 on the people of Wirral in Cheshire. It is a peninsula some twenty miles long and ten miles wide, lying between North Wales and South Lancashire, which, in 1914 had a population of about 250,000, consisting of people working in a wide range of trades and professions. It can, therefore, be viewed as a microcosm of the United Kingdom which can help us to gain a more intimate insight into the effect of total war on the British people and to discover whether it had a radicalising or reactionary effect. My research is leading me towards the latter conclusion. I am concentrating upon reactions to war in 1914/15, the relationship between the home and fighting fronts, resilience, men, women and the family and the labour movement.


Research Degree: PhD, Part-time
Department: History