Principles and Debates in Social Research, Oct – Dec


Principles and Debates in Social Research

All research students are invited to attend this MA unit led by Dr Tom Brock in the Sociology Department.

The unit introduces students to key principles and debates in relation to the design and practice of research, including a consideration of the key philosophical positions in Western thought that have informed existing research traditions. The unit covers three broad areas of content that underpin the pursuit of research: a range of philosophical and theoretical frameworks within which research is conducted; a variety of strategies and approaches to designing, conducting, evaluating and analysing research; and critical reflections on the position of the researcher in the research process.

You can download the Principles and debates handbook and the timetable of all the lectures (nb: only ‘Principles and Debates’ is available to research students across our Faculty). The lectures take place over this term, normally in the Brookes building, from 9:30am-12pm on a Wednesday.

Contact Tom Brock ( if you have any questions.


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