Professionalising Practice Project (P3)


I wanted to draw your attention to the P3 opportunity that has been running since the end of last year. We (Clare Knox-Bentham, Elle Simms and I) realised we haven’t had chance to speak to you all individually, so thought a quick email would be good to further spread the word and gather suggestions for future sessions.

This year we are running P3 (formerly Enrichment Programme & Mentor Scheme) as a pilot and have over 300 students signed up to the mailing list with good attendance so far.

To further build P3 we have put together a short PowerPoint (complete with notes) which may be useful for you to inform your students at a convenient housekeeping meeting. We are constantly booking sessions and updating the P3 platform here. Please do ask interested students to check back regularly for new opportunities. I have attached a list of themes/topics being covered.

If you have any questions, please contact me, Clare Knox-Bentham or Elle Simms.

Adriano DiGaudio
Professional Practice Support Manager
Faculty of Art & Humanities


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