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Wednesday, January 29, 2020


Meet the staff here at the Postgraduate Arts and Humanities Centre.

Professor Steve Miles

Head of Postgraduate Arts and Humanities Centre

s.miles@mmu.ac.uk / 0161 247 3038 / Room 1.10, Righton Building

MMU Profile

Dr. Nikolai Duffy

Deputy Head of Postgraduate Arts and Humanities Centre

n.duffy@mmu.ac.uk / 0161 247 6418 / Room 1.11, Righton Building

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Dr. Myna Trustram

Research Associate

m.trustram@mmu.ac.uk / 0161 247 1118 / Room 1.11, Righton Building

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Mrs. Kate Johnson

Postgraduate Support Tutor

k.johnson@mmu.ac.uk / 0161 247 6191 / Room 2.04, Number 70

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Katherine Walthall

Faculty Research Degrees Officer

K.walthall@mmu.ac.uk / 0161 247 6673 / Room G.19A, Righton Building

Deborah Bown

Research Administrator

d.bown@mmu.ac.uk / 0161 247 1744 / Room G.19A, Righton Building

Jennifer Keane

Research Administrator

pahcresearchdegrees@mmu.ac.uk / 0161 247 5593 / Room G.19A, Righton Building

Dr. Lewis Sykes

PAHC HARTS Online Co-ordinator


Magda Marchowska-Raza

PAHC Social Media Assistant


Sarah-Joy Ford

PAHC Web Editorial Assistant


2019-2020 Departmental Research Degrees Co-ordinators

Taught Postgraduate Programme Leaders:
Arts and Humanities 2018-2019


History, Politics & Philosophy
Languages and Information & Communications

Art, Design, Media

Manchester Fashion Institute

Manchester School of Architecture


...about the staff team within the Postgraduate Arts & Humanities Centre (PAHC) by clicking on their 'MMU Profile' link.

For Research Degrees Co-ordinators and Taught Postgraduate Programme Leaders within the Arts & Humanities Faculty click on the name to take you to their individual MMU staff profile.